What is the Genius Quotient(r)?

Genius Quotient (GQ) is trademarked by Steve Moraff and is defined to mean the current level of intelligence of an individual. The Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is often assumed to be an innate measure of the inherent mental ability or even potential of an individual.

By contrast, Genius Quotient is defined to be the current mental ability of an individual. This critical distinction provides far-reaching consequences.If in fact mental ability is learned and not inherited, then two widely held world views become obsolete.

First, individual humans are not superior or inferior based upon their race or ethnicity. Instead, every human being is on a journey during which they can choose to increase their mental ability.

Second, mental ability is a temporal skill that must be built and maintained like any other skill. At MoraffWare, it is not accepted that some groups of people learn better than others, and that there is a genetic continuum of dumb to brilliant. In fact, MoraffWare and the philosophy underlying its products do not even accept the idea that children learn faster than adults, and that only children can learn languages fluently and without an accent.

It is not the nature of people that determines their brilliance and learning ability, it is their methods and motivation. Therefore, MoraffWare endeavors to produce programs designed to elicit strong personal motivation, along with efficiently designed resources for learning.

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